Amateur Radio Emergency Services Association (ARES)

 Sumter County, Florida

Guide To Nets

This information is from the ARES Emergency Communications Guide:

Controlled Net:  A mean of insuring orderly use of limited frequency resources to conduct communications for a scheduled event or during an emergency.

Net Control Stations:  During an emergency the NCS does not control the event!  NCS is there simply to control the information flow.  The Incident Command System (ICS) provides a coordinated system of command, communications, organization, and accountability in managing emergency events.


Net Types

1. Open "Informal" Nets:  During an open net most any type of traffic or communications is permitted.  Conversations (rag-chews) are permitted provided they break every so often to allow incident related traffic to flow.

2. Directed Nets:  A directed Net is created when there are a large number of stations needing use the frequency or the volume of traffic cannot be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis.  The NCS will determine who uses the frequency and what traffic will be passed first.

3. Tactical Nets:  Tactical nets are the primary coordination net for the event.  They will be a Directed Net, using tactical calls, restricted to traffic for the event only.  NCS has absolute control over this net.

4. Resource Nets: The resource net is to acquire volunteers for the event and make work assignments for the event.  They will be a Directed Net, using FCC issued call signs and normally restricted to traffic pertaining to the event.  All traffic goes through the NCS.

5. Traffic Nets:  Traffic nets are for the passing of formal, normally written traffic.  They are Directed Nets, using FCC issued calls.  Traffic may be passed on the net frequency or sent off to another frequency at the option of the NCS.  Casual conversations maybe allowed at discretion of the NCS.

Net Scripts

Scheduled Net Script with NCS choice of check-in or roll call  (future addition)

Emergency Net Script (future addition)


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