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Hurrx State Simulation Communications Exercise 2016

Photo: Broward County EOC

The Hurricane Kimo Exercise is an annual event to test the communications links between the County EOCís and the State EOC (SERT). Several days before the start of the exercise the National Hurricane Center (NHC) added an exercise window during downtime to also connect between the Miami center and the County EOCís. There are 63 counties and not all of them could contact and complete their message during the morning hour window; so additional time was provided for the State EOC in the afternoon.


                    Photo: Manatee County EOC - Flooding                                     Photo: Largo County EOC - Hurricane Path

County EOC - State EOC

This year, the event was set for May 18. From 1000-1100, the County EOC communicated to the State EOC on the 80 Meter band.  From 1300- 1700, the communication was to the State EOC on the 40 Meter band and a backup if that did not work on the UHF band (SARnet).  The message transfer was completed successfully.

County EOC - NHC (National Hurricane Center)

From 1100-1200, the communication was to the National Hurricane Center on the UHF band via SARnet.  The message transfer was completed successfully.


SARnet is a Florida DOT communication microwave network that is partially constructed along I-10, 75, 95, and along the keys. Most of the remaining gaps in coverage are along I-75.

 See attached documents for more information.

State Letter after the exercise (pdf)

SAR-Net Map (pdf)

Hurrevac:  A storm tracking and decision support tool

Hurricane Mapping:  Hurricane tracking system for mapping professionals

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