Amateur Radio Emergency Services Association (ARES)


Scheduled SKYWARN Nets (Weekly)

Local (Summerfield Repeater, north end of county)  Sunday 2030    147.030  +  PL 123.0

Ruskin Regional NET- (NI4CE15-County)            Tuesday 2100     443.450  +  PL 100.0

Scheduled SKYWARN Net Scripts (.doc), update Aug 2017

SKYWARN Emergency Weather Scripts (.doc), update Aug 2017

This script is typically activated by a weather warning from the weather radio where the first person getting to the weather frequency starts the net and takes attendance.  Following check-ins, there is a report on the weather conditions and monitoring for individual reports of local conditions.

Tools that are used during Emergency Nets


Lightning Strikes ( Show location of lightning strike and ages the strike. 


Weather Radar (

Cell phone - MyRadar  The radar should show polygons of various watches and warning.  Click on to get the details in pop-up window.  Details will include expiration times.

Wind Speed and Direction, Rain - Fire and Police seek shelter at 40 mph and add a local address in the the right side Address box.  Incease the size of the window and there are several weather stations within The Villages.  Click on one to see details.

South Sumter High Weather Station (

Lady Lake (

Flooding on the Withlacoochee River

Withlacoochee River ( or =crmf1 or =hldf1) Clip on dot to find water level.

   Triby == TRBF

   Croom = CRMF1

   Holder = HLDF1


Wanted Net Control Operators



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