Amateur Radio Emergency Services Association (ARES)

 Sumter County, Florida

APRS Software


The APRS software is utilized for mobile events.  Net Control can view a laptop screen and see the approximate location for each ham that is participating in an event.  There are several tasks that an individual might be assigned at an event and the tactical call sign and icon is related to that task.  So when Net Control receives a need, the nearest person that can satisfy that need is then assigned.

The web address for the application is "" and you will be looking at a map of Helsinki. 

Inset a US address in the box on the upper right and depress the search button. 

Reduce the magnification by pressing the minus button and you will begin to see weather stations (WX), ham locations, repeater locations with their frequency, and even vehicles, ships, and sometimes aircraft on the move. 

This is not the software used by the Net Control but is a nice introduction to using APRS

Below are parts of Sumter and Lake Counties.





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