Amateur Radio Emergency Services Association (ARES)

 Sumter County, Florida


Two Emergency Alert Systems in Each County

Yes, Florida counties do not have the weather sirens but do have the National Weather Service weather radios and the county phone alert system.  The subscribed phone alert system is to notify residents of an immediate emergency such as severe weather, i.e., tornado warnings, damaging winds, and heavy rain that could lead to flooding.  The alert system is also used to alert a neighborhood of a lost child, a missing impaired adult, or dangerous individuals.  For more on Weather Radios, check the menu on the left.

How the Phone Alert System Works

This is a high-speed telephone communication service for emergency notifications.  The system allows for notifying all county residents in the sign-up database or targeted areas of the county or targeted groups.  If there is a notification to both landline phone and cell phone, there will be a recorded message delivered to either a live person or answering machine.  If the phone is not answered the first time, there will be two additional attempts.   Note, if you did not add your phone number into the database, you will not be called.

If you receive a phone alert

Listen carefully.
Follow the instruction in the message.
Do not hang up until you hear the entire message.
DO NOT call 911 unless directed to do so by the message.

Different Systems in Different Counties

Marion, Sumter, and Lake Counties, each, have a sign-up database, notification system.  The notification system will take either or both cell phone and land based individual and business phone numbers.  Each system is listed below and the webpage that will provide sign-up and more details.

1. Marion County is using CodeRED but will be going to Alert Marion-Florida pilot program. Sign up for Alert Marion County (web)
2. Sumter County is using CodeRED and will continue on it.  Sign up (web)
3. Lake County is Alert Lake and will continue on it.  Sign up (web) (pdf)

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