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APRS - iPhone

iPhone App:  OpenAPRS
The i-Phone application is to enable a licensed ham operator to beacon their location and tactical call sign and will show up on the APRS software.  
To load the software, start with going to the App Store on the i-Phone and search for OpenAPRS.  You may find it as a free download or a small price ($3.99-4.99).
Download to your phone and open the application.  Go to sign-up (bottom of screen) and complete the form (First, Last name, Call sign/SSID, email, password) and press the Signup.  The SSID is a number added after the call sign and represents the basic type of device you want to represent. 
- 5 Cell phone (Iphone, Android, Blackberry, etc.)
If you need to make changes, use the save changes or the other buttons.  You will receive an activation email which must be responded to within 72 hours or the account will become dead.  You can use the account in the meantime.
Go to the map and select the setting button at the bottom of the map.  It is somewhat difficult to hit.  Keep trying.  When you are ready to activate, set the following:
Icon:  Select an icon for you.  You will see it at right center.
Timer: Select two minutes.  The timer (right center) will count from 2 minutes to 0, activate the beacon and start counting down again.
GPS: Press GPS and GPS in upper right corner turns green
Bcon: Press Beacon and Bcon in upper right corner turns green
When you do not need it, shut it down as it is a drain on the battery.  You may want to plug the phone into the car system or a separate battery if you need to keep it operational for 4-8 hours.   This setup will follow you.  You do not need to completely close OpenAPRS to save battery life. 
In order to stop beaconing and turn off the GPS while the app is in the background, from the Map tab press the Settings button then press the BCON button until the BCON light has turned off.  Now when the app goes to the background (press the Home button) it will not leave the GPS on or attempt to beacon and will perform like any other dormant app in the background, thus saving battery life.
There is another set up at More (bottom right): however it is for a fixed location and do not use.
The OpenAPRS iPhone Edition is paired with iPhone's built in map engine, internet connection and GPS.  OpenAPRS give you access to check your APRS messages, beacon your position and view other Amateur Radio operators anywhere in the world.
  • Call sign SSID support
  • Ability to change your APRS Icon
  • Auto beaconing on a user settable interval
  • Custom position comment
  • Breadcrumb creation to show your beaconed positions throughout your trip
  • Auto centering map on movement
  • Ability to disable the iPhone screen saver to use as a map during your travels
  • Manual coordinate entry if desired for beacons instead of using automatic GPS coordinates
  • Supports sending and receiving APRS messages to your callsign + SSID.  You don't have to be online when a message is sent to you, our servers will store messages until you check them.
  • Distance traveled indicator
  •  Estimated speed based on time and position change between updates (not to be used as an actual speedometer)
  • Built-in compass that works on 3GS or higher iPhones
  • Search for stations by call-sign (wildcards accepted)
  • Course and speed included in position reports
  • Station icons rotate to their reported bearing
  • Symbol overlay support


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