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 Sumter County, Florida

Winlink Training Videos & Documents

Below are series of videos that may be used for setting up the Winlink Express software, making the hardware connections, and adding addition features to the software.   Current software for Winlink Express is

METERS: Winlink Cables and Connections  [video] 

METERS: Winlink Software and Settings  [video] 

METERS: Winlink (RMS) Express - Part 1 [video] 

METERS: Winlink (RMS) Express - Part 2  [video]

METERS: Winlink (RMS) Express - Part 3 [video]

METERS: Winlink (RMS) Express - Part 4 [video]

METERS: Winlink (RMS) Express - Part 5 [video]

Winlink Update - Using Forecast [video]

Winlink Update - Using RMS Link Test {video]

Winlink Update - Using the Picture Editor  [video]

Winlink - Fixing the Clipping Bug [video]

Winlink - How to Use the Forms [video]

Winlink - How to Use the ICS-213 Two-Way Form  [video]

Winlink (RMS) Express Program for Emergency Communications  [video]

SignaLink Sound Levels  [video]   Suggestions on how to set up your sound levels for HF and VHF/ UHF

Documents for the Winlink System or Winlink Express Software

Winlink System Policies and Guidelines  (doc)

A Winlink Glossary  [doc]

Winlink Express Form Template Installation and use (5-24-16)  [pdf]

Setting up a RMS Winlink Station (pdf)  The Basics

Winlink 2000 in the Jungle  [pdf]  Digital modes come of age in support of volunteers providing health services in a place where few exist.

MARS Winlink Provides Reliable Back-Up for Emergency Management Communications  [pdf]  


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