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 Sumter County, Florida

APRS - Trackers

Trackers for loan to Commercial SAGS to complete an APRS Network for a Mobile Event


Byonics: Tiny Trak4 - $75, $140 w/GPS
  • KISS TNC - Connect to a computer and operate standard packet, Winlink, and any of the APRS software.
    APRS Digipeating - The TinyTrak4 can act as a smart APRS digipeater supporting WIDEn-N, call sign substitution, and dupe checking.
    Field Upgradeability - New firmware can be downloaded for free from the TinyTrak4 website and sent to the TinyTrak4 with a computer serial port and a F-F null modem adapter.

The Tiny Trak series is one of the most popular on the road.  Small and purpose-built, the latest Tiny Trak can double as a TNC for your Winlink or any other packet needs.  It's also the cheapest digipeater solution that I know of.  If it is hooked up to a compatible GPS, it can display the locations of other stations.

More to be listed.

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