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Storm Features
Identity of a Storm's Features (web) 
Cloud Catalog (web)
Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, and Lightning (pdf)
Analysis of Lightning Deaths (pdf)


Floods, The Awesome Power (pdf
Turn Around Don't Drown (pdf)
Flood Smart Brochure (pdf)
Food and Water Safety During Hurricanes, Power Outages, and Floods (pdf)


Atlantic Hurricane Tracking Chart (pdf)
Home Depot-Play It Safe Get Prepared-The Hurricane Guide (pdf)
Tropical Cyclones, A Preparedness Guide (pdf)
Tropical Cyclone Flooding, A Deadly Inland Danger (pdf)

Severe Weather Planning

Are You Ready (pdf)
Begin Preparing Now! (pdf)
Basic Emergency Supply Checklist (pdf)
Family Communications Plan (pdf)
Florida's Severe Weather Awareness Guide (pdf)
Florida's Get A Plan (web)
Florida County Emergency Management List (web)
Get A Plan! (web)
Lake County Emergency Management (web)
Marion County Emergency Management (facebook)
Sumter County Emergency Management (web)
Preparing for Disaster Brochure (pdf)

Thunderstorms and Lightning

Weather Safety: Lightning (pdf)
Lightning Safety Brochure (pdf)


What are El Nino, La Nina, and ENSO (pdf)


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