Amateur Radio Emergency Services Association (ARES)


Planning To Minimize Disasters
Preparing for Disasters (pdf)
Hurricane Season, Begin Preparing (pdf)
Evacuation Plan (
Develop A Family Disaster Plan (web)(pdf)
Do you have a Pet? (doc)
Preparation for Your Horse (pdf)
Do you have a Special Needs Person? (
Family Communications Plan (pdf)
Important Papers (doc)
Basic First Aid Supplies (doc)
Periodic Inventorying Your House (doc)
Safeguard your House (
Shelter Information (
Special Needs Shelter (
Home Emergency & Disaster Information (html)
Taking Care of Your Family and Yourself

Are You Ready (Full) (pdf)
Basic Emergency Supply Checklist (pdf)
Hurricane Countdown Task List (spsh
Information is there but you have to arrange for your situation and even add/delete items.
Emergency Supplies of Water (doc)

Callout Information

Personal Go-Kit Check List (3-Day)(spsh)
Personal Radio Equipment Go-Kit Check List (spsh)
IS-211 Check-In/Out Form  (doc)
Sumter County ARES Manual - Being developed
Street Sense Emergency Communications (pdf)
EOC Operating Levels (doc)      

Amateur Radio References

Anderson Powerpoles (pdf)
Common Q-Signals (doc)
Recommended Voice Communications Procedure (incl. phonetic alphabet)  (pdf)
The RST System (doc)

Emergency VHF/UHF Frequency List

Sumter County Only (spsh)
Sumter with surrounding Counties Not available yet!

State References

Florida 511 (Road Closures & Traffic Info) (web)

Florida Division of Emergency Management (web)

Florida DOT One-Way Evacuation Routes (incl Sumter Co.) (web)

SERT TRAC Emergency Response Team Login  (web)

National References

DHS Interoperability Field Operations Guide (pdf)



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